06 June 2002

Government takes steps to cover up royal scandal

Since 2000, ThroneOut and Republic have been calling for the Royal Family to be DNA tested.

In an election a candidate's votes are counted, even when it is clear that one has a landslide. Similarly, those who inherit their positions should have to prove their claim, and DNA testing is the natural way to do this.

ThroneOut has presented prima facie evidence that certain senior members of the Royal Family may not have the parentage they claim.

This is important especially if you are a monarchist and believe in the principle of hereditary rule. Take for example Prince Harry. If anything happens to Prince William before he has children, Harry will be King. Yet Harry's father is now widely thought to be Major James Hewitt. If this is true then Harry has no claim to the throne whatsoever.

ThroneOut has encouraged its supporters to attempt to obtain DNA - just a hair from Prince Harry may be enough to prove the line of succession is flawed.

After evidence surfaced that Prince Philip may not be the father of some of the Queen's children he famously refused to wear a hair net in an Australian cheese factory, concerned that it could be used to recover DNA from him. The entire run of cheese was destroyed. See BBC News.

What could the government possibly do to frustrate this? Make it illegal of course... and coincidentally (despite no perceived need to legislate) they are planning on doing exactly that.

See BBC News for the government's plans.