23 July 2004

Closure after three injured on Diana fountain

The Diana Memorial Fountain has been turned off after 3 people were injured on the east side of the source pool. The closure follows previous stoppages due to blocked pumping equipment and fallen leaves.

The memorial, which cost £3.6m and is based on an oval stone ring, was opened by the Queen two weeks ago. It consists of various stages, intended to represent the different periods of Diana's life.

The fountain starts off in a fast youthfull phase, representing Diana's carefree life as a youngster born to wealthy parents. It then slows representing the depression and despair that followed during her marriage to Prince Charles.

At this point the water flows into a large deep pool which member of the public are encouraged to throw money into. This represents the British taxpayer throwing pound after pound into the bottomless pit of royal expenditure.

Lastly follows a pool where pretty much anybody is invited into, representing the promiscuous sexual appetite of the post-divorce Diana.

The three injured members of the public are believed to have been injured after an explosion in the "landmine campaign" part of the fountain.

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