06 November 2003

The Royal Scandal. What we can and can't tell you

Many people are currently visiting this site and many are contacting us asking for details about a current Royal scandal. For legal reasons we can't give the full story. Here we will summarize what has been published, and provide links to what has not. Within the next 5 minutes you will know exactly what it is that the Royal Family are trying to keep from you.

The trial of Paul Burrell, Diana's butler, was stopped in November 2002 after a single phone call from Prince Charles to the judge of the trial. Prince Charles claimed that the Queen had suddenly remembered details of a conversation she had with Paul Burrell shortly after Diana's death. During this conversation, Burrell is said to have told the Queen he would be taking some items for safe keeping. This revelation lead to the ending of the trial, despite the fact that the statement by Prince Charles was legally nothing more than hearsay. The Queen or Prince Charles was never asked to back up this statement in writing, or under oath. Legally speaking, this is unprecedented. Anybody else coming forward with such 'evidence' at a late date may well be charged with wasting police time for not mentioning it earlier, and would certainly be required to sign an affidavit under threat of perjury.

The press began to speculate that the Queen and Prince Charles had wanted the trial stopped because Burrell as part of his defence was about to make revelations that would shake the monarchy, and possibly endanger its future. Burrell had claimed as much.

Slowly, details of these allegations have begun to surface.

Here is a summary, links to further sources of information follow.

There are actually 2 allegations.

The first is that a senior and close aide to a senior royal is alleged to have male raped George Smith, another palace servant. George Smith later reported the alleged attack to Police and it is suggested that the claims have been recorded on various video tapes possibly by Diana. George Smith later withdrew his complaint when questioned by Police. He was also given a £38,000 pay off by Prince Charles, apparently unconnected with the withdrawl of his complaint.

The second allegation is that a senior and close aide to a senior royal was found in bed with that royal by a servant. Both the royal and the servant are male. This allegation is also said to have been recorded by Diana.

It must be noted that these are at present just allegations. No court of law has ruled on their veracity. However, the royal family and their 'friends' have abused all legal precedent to make sure no court gets a chance.

A senior royal servant has recently obtained an injunction against the Mail on Sunday (and now other newspapers) prohibiting them from publishing this story complete with the names of the alleged participants, on the grounds that it is defamatory. When the injunction was issued, another was then slapped on the Guardian newspaper to stop them even naming the person in whose name the injunction was issued. However, that was apparently overturned, revealing that it was Michael Fawcett, 'trusted aide' to Prince Charles. A senior royal is also said to have written a letter to the Mail on Sunday asking that it not publish the story.

At present the injuction is in force, but is being fought by the newspapers. It is unprecedented for a court to grant such an injunction. The usual course of action for defamation is to sue for damages after such a statement has been made. A defence to defamation is truth, it is not defamatory to state the truth. The newspapers believe they have sufficient evidence and are prepared to publish on that basis, facing enormous damages claims if it is later held to be untrue. At present they are being prevented from doing so. Even more unprecedented is that much of the court's proceedings were held in private with the press and public excluded on request of the Fawcett's lawyers. Is justice being abused? Who knows when it is conducted in private. It is certainly not seen to be done.

At some point the court must decide whether such a statement is true, and libel is one of the few civil actions where a jury is required. The legal situation could be interesting, to say the least. As with the Burrell trial, it appears that legal precedent and the rule of law is being discarded to keep the Windsor's dirty secrets secret a little longer.

Clearly revelation of such a secret, and the fact that Diana was collating evidence of these secrets that the Palace is so keen to hide, will further speculation that Diana's death was no accident. Some have suggested that this evidence may have formed part of a custody battle, if Diana had have lived long enough.

Once again Diana's death has created a legally dubious situation. Firstly there must be an inquest when a British Citizen killed abroad is returned home. This inquest has been opened but then adjourned, and some 6 years after her death there are no plans to re open it.

To add further controversy, the Royal Coroner has been appointed. However Diana was not royal (her royal status was removed before her death as a result of her divorce) and she was not found dead in a royal palace. Therefore there would appear to be no legal course to appoint a Royal Coroner. However this is exactly what has happened. Why is this suspicious? Well, an inquest usually has a jury of ordinary members of the public. However a Royal Inquest has only hand picked members of the royal household. A nobbled jury? Add it all together and there is a nasty stench. No wonder the Royal Family are trying to keep you, the people who pay for their extravagant lifestyle, in the dark.

Whether people are gay or bisexual is neither an issue nor a scandal as far as we're concerned. The real scandal is whether any close personal relationship resulted in serious allegations of rape being 'made to go away' (as Fiona Shackleton, Charles's lawyer, might say).

More information
The Sun - Royal in Bed with 'Flunkey'
The Guardian - Guardian royal case to begin in private
The Independent - Royal servant allegations appear on website
Republic.org.uk - What was the 'Mail on Sunday' story that was suppressed?
Alt.Gossip.Royalty - Excellent Usenet source of royal scandal

BREAKING NEWS - 15:52 6 Nov 2003
The Guardian - Guardian victory
Guardian can now reveal that the servant who obtained an injunction agaist the Mail on Sunday to prohibit publication of a story is Michael Fawcett, a former servant to Prince Charles. The injunction against the Mail on Sunday remains in force for the moment.

BREAKING NEWS - 22:17 6 Nov 2003
The BBC - Clarence House Statement
Michael Peat, the man who cleared Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett of any wrongdoing in the inquiry into the 'gifts' scandal reads a statement denying that the stories are true.


  1. £677.000 the price charles charges the army for access to dartmoor

  2. The sooner the monarchy is done away with, the better for the common people to NOT have to keep funding a lifestyle that. Mohammed El Fayed, keep fighting that good fight no matter how long it takes you... these money blood sucking so called royalty just sit around drinking cups of tea, game hunting & feeding their own jewellery boxes at the expense of the people. Princess Diana did more jobs and crusading than those useless snobs sleeping in their palaces. You only have to look at the the Duke of Edinburgh & Prince Charles and wonder what a waste of space they are as they fed off their wives popularity. Camilla will never replace HRH Princess Diana, even though she has wed Charles she will always be known as the the "other woman", the mistress...she looks like a horse & is built like one :)

  3. what? no Royals = no more Royal scandles!
    No good.
    freedom aristocracy or PC oligarchy?
    Let not the boredom set in!
    upskirt B, and show us Harry's willy along with Kate's Bush (not the singer btw)
    This webbo blog is going for burnout, I reckon it will fold in 2 years.
    oh no!

    1. George smith died mysteriously aged 44 odd.....

  4. George smith was the person the trial was stopped for he died after going to police saying he was in danger Diana must have empathised with his fear as she collected evididence to support her own fear and his ! They both died?? The police do not investigate when the suspects are high profile like Diana's marriage councillor jimmy saville ? Charles praised jimmy in private letters talking of his ladies in his Scottish abuse house and saying no one will ever know what you did for your country .........

  5. Let's see the evidence out in the open. If this is truly a democracy, then the Royals should be no more immune from public scrutiny and due process of law, than any other citizen. As always, if there's nothing for them to hide, why go to so much trouble to hide it? Methinks, I smell a rat.

  6. The links supposedly to the more "interesting" facts don't work, the site is hosted in California and the domain registered to

    Chen Danfang
    Office 111 No3 teaching building
    Beijing second foreign language university
    Ding fuzhuang nanli 1 hao
    Chaoyang, Beijing 100024

    I've always liked the title "Throne Out" (because they should be), but wtf IS this site? What's it REALLY about?

  7. Nothing changed over the centuries, if it moves stick yer dick in it.

    Be seeing you

  8. Then there is the Jacinta trial/inquest
    Diana murder
    Kate Middleton and her surrogacy ( 100% sure of this )
    Why they sue everyone and rob Uk tax payers, Duchy money and so on and on Chuck pushing Politicians
    running the castles into ruin
    Kate hate the 1million colour of KP SHE PICKED so they send us the taxpayer a bill and are re doing it

  9. You all realize the guy who claimed to be raped has a history of mental illness, right?

    1. So mental health is a broad reaching term for don't listen? For the ignorant masses perhaps,he was in the Falklands cleared for work with VIP's,when he reports rape VIP Charles pays for detainment at Priory.so it became an issue conveniently,to fool the ignorant types who quickly discriminate.


  11. Barney what did you want them to do,make it easy fir MI5?

  12. http://youtu.be/WJwcReoXQ-8 mental health discrimination used to suppress Diana was damaged yet quietly correct!

  13. I am actually for the monarchy, rather powerless royals than power mad , greedy, self centered politicians . My problem is with charles and that thing of a wife. At least her Majesty,is 'above suspicion, respected though out the world. camila is the laughing stock of the world,my cousin was in Hong Cong not long ago, and was told a very dirty joke about camila and charles and a tampax

    1. The Queen is 'above suspicion' oh is that so!!!

  14. Hilarious. Unlike you Mr Anon, I (also Anon) have grave doubts that our dear queen is beyond suspicion. I invite you & anyone else reading this to google the following terms. 1) The Testimony of William Coombs 2) Canadian Genocude 3) Hang The Bankers Prince Philip 4) Bill Maloney Prince Charles

    1. Thats meant to say Canadian GENOCIDE, just so ya know..

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Anonymous18 July, 2015

    you should all read the Book " The Committee of 300" Author John Coleman via Amazon kindle etc. It's a real eye opener, about our beloved Royals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A must read

  17. Anonymous18 July, 2015

    Many thanks a great site my first visit, will be back again keep up the good work Cheers

  18. I knew poor George Smith. He worked with us in a hospital in Newport, South Wales in 1997, as a porter. He struck me as honest but very fearful. He didn't say much tho. Thank, Anon, for the suggestions to 'google.' I will!

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