20 June 2006

Diana inquiry finds new witnesses

According to the Daily Mail, police investigating the death of Diana have obtained statements from new witnesses. If true, these statements suggest that both the Royal Family and the UK Government had advance warning of the death of Diana in Paris.

These include:
- One of Tony Blair's security detail, who claims to have spoken to an RAF crew who told him that they had been on standby for 48 hours prior to Diana's death to fly Tony Blair.
- A wireless operator at the British Embassy in Paris who was on duty on the night of Diana's death claims that 2 "public school" type men burst in prior to the crash and forced him out of the room, taking over his job.
- a note from a source at the CIA, naming two MI6 agents, and suggesting that their roles be further investigated.

If true, the allegations suggest a conspiracy that goes to the heart of the British Establishment. Of course, an establishment capable of carrying out such a conspiracy would likely have the means to suppress it. It seems beyond belief that a member of Her Majesty's Police could determine anything other than a tragic accident as the cause of Diana's death?

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