27 July 2007

Norwegian royal nutjob shares her special gift

Considering that European royals were appointed by God almighty himself, it's hardly surprising that they get to chat to his door staff. A Norwegian princess claims she is psychic and can talk to angels.

"I have lately understood the value of this important gift and I wish to share it with other people, maybe with you."

Ah, gawd bless you ma'am.

A three-year programme at her centre costs 24,000 Norwegian crowns ($4,150; 3,000 euros; £2,000) per year.

You what!?

So it seems that not only do the angels talk to her, they advise her to set up a shabby business milking gullible new age royalist twats for 2 grand a year.

We're sure that once the angels finish the pressing business of helping Martha Louise fleece suckers, they get straight on sorting out wars, disease and famines.

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21 July 2007

Spanish royal cartoon banned

Freedom of speech has been under threat in many EU countries despite it being supposedly guaranteed under law. In many countries, 'holocaust denial' is a crime punishable by years in jail. Of course, the truth is perfectly capable of standing up for itself but it seems there are some things that countries with a guilty past just cannot face being discussed.

Now the Spanish have stepped up the assault on liberal democracy and free speech with a dictatorship-era act against the publisher of a political cartoon portraying a Spanish prince. It's ironic given that Europe proudly trumpeted its free speech credentials when cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed were published in Denmark.

So Europeans should beware. You can insult a major world religion with impunity, but if you dare insult a royal family in similar fashion or question the legally-mandated view of world history, a prison cell beckons.

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