04 June 2012

Ruler more popular than ever

The nation's capital was awash with patriotic scenes of fervour as loyal subjects demonstrated their love for their ruling dynasty. There seems to be no decline in the huge popularity of a family that has overseen stability throughout decades that have seen all kind of uprisings, regime changes and turmoil elsewhere.

Critics have pointed to the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by the rulers, who live in mansions, enjoy expensive wines and food imported from around the globe while the nation's economy lurches from crisis to crisis. But those present at the festivities seemed unconcerned, "look at them up there waving - it must be exhausting. Who'd deny them fois gras and a few bottles of bolly plus seven big houses for all the selfless effort?".

It seems if the crowds are anything to go by, the ruling family are as popular as ever. A quick straw poll among people who turned up to cheer them showed almost unanimous support.

The police meanwhile, remained vigilant and took steps yet again to imprison anyone who might 'spoil the fun' for everyone else by demanding democracy openly during a government funded propaganda exercise.