20 August 2003

Another royal house in flames

It's a well known scientific fact that only the most volatile and combustable materials known to mankind are used to construct the Windsors' many houses.

Latest in this long line of Royal bonfires was the Queen's personal beach hut at Holkham, near to one of the Queen's other houses at Sandringham, Norfolk.

Unfortunately no pictures of the fire appear to exist, so you will have to make do with looking at the burned-out remains.

No doubt it can be rebuilt with some more tax payers money.

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14 August 2003

Harry gets B and D in A-levels

Prince Harry has achieved mediocre grades in his A-Level exams - he got a B in Art and a D in geography.

He dropped a third subject - history of art after his AS exams last year.

Fees for Eton run to thousands of pounds.

St James's Palace said: "By achieving two A-Level passes, Prince Harry is able to continue pursuing his wish for a future career in the Army" (thereby proving that where you went to school IS more important than your grades when it comes to joining the army).

ThroneOut confidently predicts that Harry won't be seeing military action on the front line in Iraq, with its withering 50C temperatures and repeated attacks against coalition troops.

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