03 November 2003

The genetically modified prince

From the Daily Express, 1/11/2003

"He has been called a crank, adulterer and if often derided for talking to plants.

But now Prince Charles has come under the most astonishing attack – by being labelled an “inbred”.

The world-famous fertility expert Lord Robert Winston slammed the Prince for his blue-blood heritage which has led to “generations of inbreeding”.

Television scientist and Labour peer Professor Winston said that this made Charles a “genetically modified organism”. In the past, Charles had been portrayed as an eco-babble spouting aristocrat interested in alternative religion and medicines, organic food and traditional architecture. He has been lampooned for his obtrusive ears and ridiculed for a history of unprovoked outbursts – and the admission in a 1986 TV documentary that he talked to plants.

But n an attack on Charles’s “misguided” campaign against genetically modified food Prof Winston questioned the heir to the throne’s genetic make-up.

Prof Winston said: “It is outrageous that the Prince of Wales has led a misguided campaign against GM which is largely instinctual. It is an odd protect by Prince Charles seeing that, after generations of inbreeding, he himself is one of the most genetically modified organisms on the planet.

Prof Winston’s comments came in a lecture to 350 students at the University of Bath, Somerset. He showed two slides of Charles drinking Assam tea and receiving a carnation, which he claimed were both genetically modified plants."

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  1. As a Wallian I find it extremely offensive that charles windsor, an englishman, is give the title Prince of Wales!

    The LAST true Prince of Wales was Owain Glynd┼Ár!

    Please STOP referring to charles windsor as Prince of Wales!

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