27 November 2003

This is what happens when people get to vote

Royals are rarely in danger of getting voted out of office, largely because they aren't subject to having to worry about people hating the sight of them, because they keep their well paid "jobs" however badly they do them.

On the rare Occasions that people do get to voice their opinions in a ballot, one gets an idea of quite how unpopular these people are.

On the 26th November 2003 Edinburgh University students voted on a motion to remove Prince Philip as chancellor of the university.

1000 students turned up the for meeting (the highest turnout in living memory) and had their say the good old democratic way.

And voted to remove Prince Philip.

However true to Royal tradition, the University remains resolute in its support of Philip and refuses to even consider a change.

Democracy in action in Britain today.

See more:
BBC News - Students seek royal resignation
EUSA - Biggest turnout in memory as AGM votes


  1. parties over time these scroungers went

  2. It will be a great day when democracy wins over feudalism and the monarchy is abolished...

    in the meantime, I will NEVER bow down or show deference to these parasites!

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