24 December 2003

Santa's Little Headcase

The Queen is said to be distraught after Princess Anne's dog attacked a corgi of hers which later died of its injuries. The same bull terrier that attacked two children walking in a park during 2002 is believed to be responsible.

Princess Anne was treated leniently after the 2002 attack and her dog was not destroyed despite the injuries caused to the children. The defence at the time, without giving any explanation for the dogs violent behaviour, said Dotty was a good natured dog "lacking in malice". Dr Roger Mugford said the bull terrier should not be put down and described her as "an utterly placid, playful dog". His web site claims he has the solution to biting dogs:


It also touts his services as a 'skilled and experienced expert witness', just what you need to keep your psychotic attack dog off doggy death row, for a fat fee no doubt:


The family of the children mauled in the last attack were angry with the sentence and believed the animal should have been put down as it posed a clear danger. Perhaps Mr Mugford should seek some doggy psychology lessons from them as they appear to be significantly more 'expert' than him. Whether his expert testimony borders on perjury is something that will no doubt be overlooked, although it will surely be raised by the prosecution next time he poses as an 'expert' to save homocidal mutts with rich owners.

More information:
BBC News - Anne's dog 'kills Queen's corgi'
Princess Anne fined for dog bite


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