06 January 2004

Aussie republican is true king of England

A historical thesis, explored in a recent television documentary, suggests that Edward IV, who reigned from 1461 to 1483, was conceived when his parents were 160 kilometres apart.

His "father", Richard Duke of York, was fighting the French at Pontoise, near Paris, while his mother, Lady Cicely Neville, was at court in Rouen.

She was said to be spending much of her time in the company of a local archer with whom she was rumoured to be having an affair.

Since the evidence suggests that Edward IV was hence illegitimate (and therefore not the real son of the King), he and his heirs would have no claim to the throne. Instead, the succession should have followed a different line leading to Michael Abney-Hastings, a forklift truck driver in Australia.

Yet again, the more you dig, the more you find royals bed hopping and sprog popping with people they shouldn't. This only lends weight to ThroneOut's call for the Windsors to be DNA tested. Who knows how many of them have no claim to the large amounts of tax payers' money they help themselves to? Of course, if this research is right, none of them do.

More info:
BBC News - Aussie is 'heir to English crown'


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