10 February 2005

ThroneOut Mint presents the Charles & Di mug conversion kit

The recent announcement of the forthcoming wedding of serial adulterer Prince Charles to serial adulteress Camilla Parker Bowles has had the owners of high-quality historical collectables in a panic. What to do with those embarrassing old Charles & Di cups from the early 80s?

You remember the day you heard our future king was going to marry. You were delighted. And when the wedding arrived in 1981, you just couldn't help but stack up your shelves with cheaply manufactured tat celebrating the event and pledging your undying loyalty. Even Spurs winning the FA Cup couldn't top your delight.

But sadly things went down hill. Your Diana collectables remained in your display cabinet only by virtue of her untimely demise in a mysterious car accident. The signed photo of Sol Campbell from the early 90s was not so lucky.

But with Charles set to move on, those Charles and Di mugs are an unpleasant reminder of better times. You'll look like an ageing, out-of-touch square, rather than a modern standard-bearer for constitutional monarchy.

Fortunately ThroneOut Mint has the answer. The ThroneOut Mint Charles & Diana Mug Conversion Kit. Featuring a sticker specially designed to fit over the face of the mad, deceased ex-wife, you can turn those embarrassing old collectables into something to be proud of again. Do your bit to airbrush over recent royal history - buy the ThroneOut Mint Charles & Diana Mug Conversion Kit now.