04 June 2012

Ruler more popular than ever

The nation's capital was awash with patriotic scenes of fervour as loyal subjects demonstrated their love for their ruling dynasty. There seems to be no decline in the huge popularity of a family that has overseen stability throughout decades that have seen all kind of uprisings, regime changes and turmoil elsewhere.

Critics have pointed to the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by the rulers, who live in mansions, enjoy expensive wines and food imported from around the globe while the nation's economy lurches from crisis to crisis. But those present at the festivities seemed unconcerned, "look at them up there waving - it must be exhausting. Who'd deny them fois gras and a few bottles of bolly plus seven big houses for all the selfless effort?".

It seems if the crowds are anything to go by, the ruling family are as popular as ever. A quick straw poll among people who turned up to cheer them showed almost unanimous support.

The police meanwhile, remained vigilant and took steps yet again to imprison anyone who might 'spoil the fun' for everyone else by demanding democracy openly during a government funded propaganda exercise. 


  1. Anonymous05 June, 2012

    Theirs is the right to rule because they were born. Well done for that.

  2. Anonymous05 June, 2012

    What a load of crap! The royal family are one of the biggest land owners, they have increased the economy if anything by tourism and the celebration of various events. Get a life for Christ sake and probably a real job! Keep your views to yourself know one else thinks them apart from the other few idiots on this site! Attention seeking dicks

    1. Anonymous06 June, 2012

      What are you saying is crap? Primogeniture? Privilege? An unelected, undeserving, thick as pigshit 'royal' family? Yes, I would agree with you.
      How does one get to be a 'royal' again? How did that start?
      How did they get all that land?
      You, sir, are the Dick.

    2. Anonymous26 July, 2013

      'they boost the ecomony'??? I think only a moron would think the royals incourage people to spend more money??? Ok people might buy th odd tea towel on visit, but the moron who declare that this somehow justifies 200million a year on the civil list (old figures) and private wealth into the BILLIONS! some people clearly cant add up!!! I can understand some people who 'education' is limited to watching espisodes of 'eastenders' and the like that they get lost in the numbers of zeros involved in these bills upon th etax payer, we are now as a country owing 900million in debt thats right its trippled since labour govermnet http://www.debtbombshell.com and since then we have had so many royal celebrations ALL AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE so we can only thank the morons who belive we are 'getting money back' because its them whose crippling our economy whilst the extreme wealth is milked out esp in tax heavens!! Prince charles was caught up again in recent tax scandal and refusing to pay tax!!

  3. I keep hearing this...but how do we know they're vital to tourism ? Do we perhaps draw from the experiences of France, Germany and America who, as we all know get zero tourism, right ?

    Lets face it, if they vanished overnight the tourists would still come, and unless you're a head of state you aren't going to meet the parasites anyway.

    It's the 21st century...about time we were considered grown-up enough to democratically elect our head of state ?

    1. My father used to use the tourism argument.

      However, it seems to me that eliminating the royal family would increase tourism.

      Think of what a great museum the Buckingham Palace would make!

      No one comes as a tourist to England to see the Queen. It's not like you're going to get to shake her hand or anything. That is one of the weaker arguments out there.

    2. Anonymous26 July, 2013

      I agree, I dont thin any right thinking person would accept this sole claim 'for tourism' ridlicouls, one thing people DO LIKE is buildings and that can be retained as part of UK heritage. However if we invite change we defo need a WRITTEN constiution, because civil rights are eroding day by day, and we need to hold the government accountable, especially dont like cameron letting queen into the 'forbidden' territory of govenment this year, smacks of indecency as our 'unwritten' contitution expressely forbides queen entering parliament where debates are held, its VERY important principle when we esstablished to so called democracy which is now evapourating!

  4. World's top tourist destinations, most recent figures


    France 76.80 million (1st place)
    United Kingdom 28.13 million (6th place)

    The royalist 'tourism' argument seems to fall flat on its arse. Next....

    1. Anonymous26 July, 2013

      Yeah the only deemed 'legitimate' argument the royalists declare is that the queen lizard provides tourism...now if she was really was a lizard Ii think that would justify the tourism debate!!

  5. Did you see the massive direct action on jubilee day?:

  6. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    The royal family are simply a bunch of free loaders. The concept of the monarchy in 21st century Britain is almost funny if it weren't for the ever increasing economic misery all around us. This family enjoy a ridiculously wealthy existence, largely at the tax payees expense. And forget the bullshit about how they contribute towards tourism; it's utter rubbish and simply an excuse that the establishment churns out when the debate comes up. Grow up Britain and get rid of these unelected free loading inbreds!!

    1. The royal family is a prime example of the troublesome benefits culture that exists in Britain.

  7. Anonymous24 June, 2012

    Three years gone was too long.

    1. You do know that this website was set up and is run by the Beijing International Studies University in Beijing China. It is nothing more than a propaganda tool of the Chinese Government (you don't get a website in China, without Government approval). They may sound British, but they are anything but.

      Well done for helping them gauge, monitor and attempt to control dissent in the UK.

  8. "look at them up there waving - it must be exhausting. Who'd deny them fois gras and a few bottles of bolly plus seven big houses for all the selfless effort?"

    That sentence made me LOL.

    This is a common thing I hear from Queen worshippers. "She's so dedicated, she's been an amazing monarch, we are so grateful." For millions of pounds worth of property, automatic social status regardless of personal achievement, a lavish lifestyle and privileges that no other citizen has ... who wouldn't sign up for that job?

    One thing I hate to say, but might be comfortable doing so here, is that the Queen seems like she is a bit delayed. It seems that she can never say anything candidly and everything she speaks is scripted. Could it be that she, like her cousins, has a slight learning disability? All the better, though, for her to make such a good puppet.

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  10. Where the heck have you guys been?

  11. I've been really missing you guys. This site makes me guffaw. As a Yank, I find this site hysterical. This last (way-overdue) post made me LOL. Thanks.

  12. Let the Middleton whore get a real job.

    1. Anonymous26 July, 2013

      She cant hold down a job!!! she 'worked' for approx two weeks for this fashion chain HQ aka 'jigsaw' and then left, no one knows why she left, the rumours that she worked has been hotly denied!! K-mid has only ever been interested in fashion, her uncle and family made such comments, it makes sence she attempted a job in that industry..I think people can make their own minds up!

  13. Wow...I feel so at home here. Have never seen anti-royal family media on the web before; this is unimaginably refreshing, thanks guys!

  14. Anonymous26 July, 2013

    This website NEEDS more activity, is there anything we can do in real terms to oust the paracitic royals who have recently annouced that they now require tax payer funded 24 hour security for their new brat!! disgusting!

  15. It must be so fun to spew hatred for people you've never met just because of what they were born into. Keep it up, guys, you're a class act

  16. If you discriminate against people that happen to be born in a poorer county than you, or a different colour, and come and live here that is xenophobic racism. If you discriminate against people who were born to privilege, that is republicanism. Discrimination against people just because of where or how they were born, is discrimination however you cut it. Just like stating they are German (after 300 years!) or calling Philip 'Phil The Greek' because he happened to be born in Greece but has lived here all his life. This wouldn't be tolerated with anyone else, certainly not by those who consider themselves Left Wing, so why is it tolerated here?

  17. If this so called benevolent monarchy we have in Britain, Which is supposed to be ceremonial, And just to attract tourists.
    Then why is the so called Queen signing documents, Which are going to silence the Press forever?
    This took place away from the public sphere, And the Privvy Council was used.
    This woman has also signed documents which more or less stopped the Chagos Islander's from ever going home.
    Some benevolence and compassion shown there, They are more like malevolent!
    These people are not what they claim to be, And do they have any claim to be where they are?
    I'm sure i heard that the real King Of England, Died in Austrailia, Last year!
    Wake up people, And smell the coffee!

  18. In 2012 according to The Telegraph cost each Briton 52p
    If you think this is expensive, then I truly pity your irrelevant existence.
    Instead of moaning like bitches, get a job and a life

  19. Daisy Chaine02 June, 2014

    Anonymous, how rude!! And you call someone else irrelevant. Believe the twaddle if you want (your figures are distorted to appease the masses and omit many huge costs such as security) but don't insult others for having a more questioning mind.

  20. your figures are distorted to appease the masses and omit many huge costs such as security

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