13 January 2005

Harry in military uniform shocker

Prince Harry has caused outrage after pictures of him dressed as a British soldier emerged last night. In the photos, he is seen wearing a British Army uniform and even giving a British Army salute while smiling and appearing to be enjoying himself.

His actions were instantly condemned by angry representatives of communities around the world that have suffered at the hands of the British Army in Ireland, India, Africa, China, the Middle-East and throughout the Americas.

For hundreds of years until the latter half of the 20th century, Britain fought and occupied numerous countries around the world in brutal fashion. During this time, the British Army was the tool of British aggression and dictatorial control over the locals. Incidents such as the 'Black Hole of Calcutta' symbolized to many the uncompromizing tactics of British imperial occupation, using it to justify a historical form of 'War on Terror'.

Attacks were invariably launched on bogus grounds, a tactic still used by the British Government to this day when seeking to launch wars in pursuit of valuable resources that the target country possesses.

Many hundreds of thousands of people died under British occupation, overseen by the notorious British Army.

Buckingham Palace has apologized for the photographs and made clear that the Prince very much regretted his actions and would visit many of the countries previously violated by the British Army while taking luxury holidays at the tax payers' expense over the rest of his lifetime.

They also stressed that dressing up as a pretend member of the British military was nothing more than harmless fancy dress, just as it was for previous royals including Prince Phillip, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince Charles, as well as Harry's own father.

More Information:
BBC News - Harry urged to say sorry publicly


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