25 September 2005

When Harry's dad met Di

It has long been speculated that Prince Harry's real father is Diana's ex-lover, James Hewitt. However, royalists and Hewitt himself have always claimed this is impossible because he only met Diana for the first time in 1986, and Harry was born in 1984. Now a new witness has produced evidence suggesting Hewitt was lying all this time.

Best of all, it's a first hand witness to the couple's first meeting: James Hewitt himself.

Under hypnosis for a TV interview, Hewitt admits not only that he first met Diana in 1981, but that he began a sexual relationship with her in 1981 or 1982, at least a full 2 years before Harry was born.

He also claims that the secret service threatened him.

The admission destroys yet another royalist argument, a lie that has been repeated again and again by royalists on this very site. The evidence for Hewitt being Harry's father gets stronger all the time. No wonder the royals will do anything to avoid a DNA test for Harry. They obviously knew all this time that Hewitt was lying.

More information
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  1. Try putting a photo of prince harry alongside a photo of james hewitt.
    james is without doubt harrys father, they look too similar to be anything else.

  2. So if anything happens to Charles and William - will Harry be allowed to become King is his father was not a Windsor?

  3. Harry is a Spencer , who legitimately should be Kings in Britain.
    So Please, Harry is fully legitimate.
    Also, Charles says Harry is his son, so that should be it.

  4. Lord knows who the lad's father is....could be anyone.

  5. Anonymous16 June, 2012

    When ma was unhappy he could always make her grin by childishly enquiring who his daddy might have bin

  6. Anonymous15 July, 2013

    Harry is not the only royal fathered by someone other than by the legal husband.

  7. It looks as if there were more than three of them in one`s marriage.