20 October 2003

Burrell claims Diana feared car crash plot

Ever since the death of Diana, it was inevitable that there would be speculation that she was murdered.

Motives for this 'murder' are various, Mohammed Al Fayed claims that his son Dodi and Diana were engaged and that she was killed by the British establishment who could not tolerate the mother of the future king being married to a muslim. Others speculate that she was pregnant.

Burrell claims that Diana believed she would be killed to smooth the way for Prince Charles to become king. If that was the intention then it hasn't been overly successful.

At present there has still been no public enquiry or inquest into the death of Diana, a death which does appear to have some suspicious circumstances.

One must also consider that Burrell is currently writing a book. It seems curious that such an apparently important document has only just been released by him.

Ultimately its seem clear that if anything illegal did happen in the tunnel in Paris, its unlikely the British authorities believe the British people have any right to know the truth.

More Info
BBC News - Diana 'feared car accident plot'
Coverups.com - Princess Diana's Death


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