27 October 2003

New queen sculptor previously worked for Saddam

The Queen has unveiled a new sculpture of herself in Windsor Great Park.

She is portrayed as she looked in the early 70s, riding a horse.

The firm producing the statue, Morris Singer of Lasham, near Alton, Hampshire are no strangers to working with unelected heads of state.

In the 1980s Morris Singer helped create a statue of Saddam Hussein, as another ego maniac pissed away public funds on shameless self-promotion, whilst many of his people lived in poverty.

Of that previous customer, Morris Singer director Chris Boverhoff loyally stated

"We are of course pleased to be associated with such a fine piece of work and we are justly proud of the craftsmanship that went into it, but like right-thinking people the world over we deplore the regime that Saddam created and presided over."

Morris Singer was of course happy to take Saddam's money.

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