05 February 2004

Anti-monarchy protestors win damages

Royal apologists often claim that the UK is a democracy (even though we have an undemocratically elected head of state, and one of the two chambers of Parliament is not elected).

They defend their claim on the basis that those who don't agree with the system are free to protest legally for change.

However, those that use these "rights" soon find that they are arrested.

On 4th June 2002 a number of protestors from Movement Against the Monarchy decided to make their protest against our undemocratic system. And in the true traditions of a non-democracy their protest was broken up illegally by the police.

23 members of the organisation will now receive £3,500 each and a written apology from the Metropolitan Police for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

Its a reluctant victory. Freedom is something that can't be valued in terms of money. The establishment is happy to pay over £80,000 (of public money) to take away people's right to protest about the fact that they aren't able to democratically choose their head of state.

Your taxes are being used to pay Police to silence legal protests that are an embarrassment to the Monarchy and then your taxes are being used to compensate those that are the victims of the establishment's illegal actions.

The Police should be spending their time investigating male rapist lovers of the heir to the throne, or possible murder plots against his ex-wives.

If you break the law, the Police will try and stop you. Even if you don't break the law the Police may arrest you. Who stops the Police breaking the law? Once again the law and legal system is being perverted to suppress anything that might damage the Windsors' right to dip their hands into your pay packet.

More information:
BBC News - Jubilee protesters get damages


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