26 February 2004

New UK citizenship ceremony

Royal apologists often defend the various pledges of allegiance to the Queen as being symbolic of a pledge to the country.

This myth has been well and truly shot down by the government's new citizenship ceremony.

In addition to pledging allegiance to the country and the constitution, those seeking to become citizens must also separately swear allegiance to the Queen. This clearly shows the two are not the same - one is a pledge to the country/system and the other is personally to the Queen/Monarchy.

So now those seeking British Citizenship must be monarchists - a test 30-40% of current British Citizens would fail.

Meanwhile, many are raising concerns over the inclusion of the "national" anthemn... which many see as anything but "national". Most countries have a national anthemn that unites the people - only in Britain do we have one that divides people according to their political views.

More info:
Citizenship anthem doubt emerges


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  7. It's interesting how the new UK citizenship ceremony sheds light on the distinction between allegiance to the country and personal allegiance to the monarchy. It certainly challenges the notion that they are one and the same. The inclusion of the "national" anthem also raises important questions about unity and division.

  8. UK citizenship ceremony highlights the distinction between pledging allegiance to the country and the monarch. I can't help but wonder how this might affect the diverse perspectives among those seeking British citizenship, as many British citizens may not share the same monarchist sentiment. The inclusion of the "national" anthemn issue also adds another layer of complexity, underscoring the uniqueness of Britain's national identity in the context of political views.

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