04 February 2004

Mad Prince Charles says Mad King George wasn't mad

When George Smith (a Falklands War Veteran who risked his life for Queen and Country) claimed that he had been gay-raped by Prince Charles's boyfriend Michael Fawcett there was only one explanation the Prince Charles could use. Clearly Mr Smith was mad, quite insane in fact.

And when Princess Diana made the spookily prophetic claim that Charles was trying to murder her in a car crash, Prince Charles once again used his favourite explanation to explain Diana's letter. She was mad, paranoid.

These "expert" opinions on mental health came from a man who:
  • enjoys killing or torturing animals (often seen as a sign of trouble by real mental health professionals)
  • dumped Diana so he could shag Camilla Parker Bowles
  • wanted to be Camilla's tampon
  • talks to plants
However, when it comes to documented cases of loonies in the Windsor family, Charles has rather different opinions. He believes that his ancestor Mad King George III wasn't actually mad at all.

According to the Scotsman Newspaper Charles told the Timewatch TV programme that:

his studies of doctors’ reports and correspondence in the Royal archives had led him to the conclusion that his ancestor was ill, but was not insane.

The Scotsman adds

George III had a passion for the countryside and a strong interest in architecture, in common with Charles.

So we have a nutter who is interested in architecture and the countryside, defending a nutter who is interested in architecture and the countryside.

Charles intends to become King George VII upon succession. Perhaps he is modelling himself on King George III? Further investigation suggests not, the BBC History site states of George III:

Unlike his predecessor and successor, he had no mistresses to support - consequently his court was declared to be dull. His personal tastes were frugal - which allowed Gillray, the cartoonist, to ridicule the king breakfasting with relish on a boiled egg, or advising his daughters to drink tea without sugar.

There's not much chance of Charles giving up his extravagant lifestyle or his mistress (and gay lover).

But CBS clearly sees links between Mad King George and Prince Charles - their article about Charles views on his ancestor is cheekily entitled Did 'Mad' King George Get Bum Rap

More information:
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