21 October 2004

Harry demonstrates military credentials

Prince Harry, the exam-cheating son of Princess Diana and either Prince Charles or James Hewitt, violently attacked a photographer outside a nightclub in London last night.

It was the kind of action that would normally result in cosmetic surgery courtesy of a bouncer's knuckles, but fortunately for Harry, it's fun to act hard when you're protected by burly armed guards who'll jump in to protect you and pull you away from trouble.

When rock stars and movie actors behave like this, they are condemned as yobs and castigated for their lack of manners and violent behaviour. Hair-transplant recipient Elton John was recently portrayed as an arrogant brat for verbal insults against the Taiwanese press after being the subject of press photographers' attention at an airport there. Courtney Love was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing a microphone stand into the crowd at a gig in New York. But expect to see no such condemnation when the perpetrator is a member of the house of Windsor. The blame will of course be put squarely at the door of the press for 'inciting' him.

Although tape-recorded admitting that he did virtually none of a coursework assignment for his art A-level, the exam board have said they have no intention of investigating the claims. Harry was admitted to Sandhurst military academy (for which a degree is usually required). Harry seems to have the perfect attitude for a life in the military, which consists largely of drunken fights in the streets and bars of Aldershot and brutal attacks on defenceless Iraqi prisoners.

More information:
BBC News - Prince Harry in nightclub scuffle


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